12 angry men and nonverbal communication

They tell that she feared not to slumber alone, in the dead of night, In accursed places; beheld, unblenched, the ribbon of light i Spin from temple to temple; guided the perilous skiff, Abhorred not the paths of the mountain and trod the verge of the cliff; From end to end of the island, thought not the distance long, But forth from king to king carried the tale of her wrong. To king after king, as they sat in the palace door, she came, Claiming kinship, declaiming verses, naming her name And the 12 angry men and nonverbal communication of all of her fathers; and still, with a heart on the rack, Jested to capture a hearing and laughed when they jested back So would deceive them awhile, and change and return in a breath, And on all the men of Vaiau imprecate instant death; And tempt her kings - for Vaiau was a rich and prosperous land, And flatter - for who would attempt it but warriors mighty of hand. 12 angry men and nonverbal communication change in a breath again and rise in a strain of song, Invoking the beaten 12 angry men and nonverbal communication, beholding the fall of the strong, Calling the fowls of the air to come and feast on the dead. And they held the chin in silence, and heard her, and shook the head; For they knew the men of Taiarapu famous in battle and feast, Marvellous eaters and smiters the men of Vaiau not least. To the land of the Namunu-ura, j to Paea, at length she came, To men who were foes to the Tevas and hated their race and name. There was she well received, and spoke with Hiopa the king. k And Hiopa listened, and weighed, and wisely considered the thing. Here in the back of the isle we dwell in a sheltered place, Quoth he to the woman, in quiet, a weak and peaceable race.
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